The Red Balloon Project is a collection of portraits of Australian fiction authors which began with a portrait of John Birmingham in a toilet block way back in 2006.

Each writer is pictured with a single red balloon in a setting or location that is a place of inspiration, a favourite place from childhood or perhaps somewhere that simply references their work.

The work draws inspiration from the 1956 French film classic Le Ballon Rouge in which a small boy forms a special bond with a red balloon he finds in the street and, as in the film, here too the balloon signifies hope and imagination.

To date over 70 authors including Nikki Gemmel, Bryce Courtenay, Di Morrisey and Steven Toltz, Shaun Tann and Gillian Mears having taken part.

Although the series has no end date as yet as there is always just one more author I want to include.

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